The first copy of the book arrived!

Finally, the book is arriving to our readers’ home. Today, Chinar Trivedi (@ip_mpls_labguy) from India received one of the very first copies!

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We are honoured to share Chinar’s first impressions:

“I was looking for Interoperable networks reading material more than anyone.

I work for a IP/MPLS mobile backhaul which is a combination of IOS-XR and JunOS routers. I have a massive job of making them inter-operate smoothly without any hiccups. Plus, I have been getting into SDN stuff with NFV. I have already tested vRR with IOS-XRv and now gonna test and maybe deploy in production too vMX as our virtual route reflector. The POC is on as we speak.

The world should have good Internet.
For good Internet, you need good networks. For good networks, we should have good Networking companies.

One is Juniper Networks, the networks that know.
Other One is Cisco Systems, the systems which kickstarted the Networking industry.
With robust new-age Network Operating Systems like JunOS which is famous for it Core routers and RSVP-TE stuff, and  with IOS-XR, the distributed OS as good as JunOS which is so neat and easy to manage, I’ve always wondered is it even possible to have a Network with both combination of JunOS and IOS-XR?

And BOOM! This book comes with a title, examples and topologies of the interoperable networks of JunOS and IOS-XR, two of the Best Networking companies with great scalable Network Operating systems which makes my life easy and all other Network Engineers’ who deal with complex networks which need to interoperate and work together.

This BOOK could be a potential go-to book for both JNCIE-SP and CCIE-SP.

Kudos to authors Ato and Krzysztof for bringing this book out.
I believe it’s a must-have book for all Network Engineers working in Service Provider Industry dealing with MPLS backbone Networks leaning towards SDN/NFV stuff.

Keep up the good work guys


Thank you very much Chinar for sharing your enthusiasm. We hope you enjoy the reading and wish you a lot of healthy and funny interop!

A couple of weeks ago we also got some nice feedback from oldcreek, a reader of the electronic version:

MPLS in SDN era is a great book, after reading the book, I am confident that I can build an AWS like public cloud and can offer customer much more network connectivity services and options than what AWS currently offers. 😉 I just need any army of software developers to develop APIs and of course, billing.